Dual-Polarised LPDA Antenna


The LPDA-A0070 is a dual-polarised log-periodic dipole array primarily designed for monitoring applications. It covers the 20 to 500 MHz frequency band with a typical gain of 5.5 dBi. The antenna has two coaxial connectors for switching between horizontal and vertical polarisation. The antenna breaks into three for compact storage, and can be fully erected from packaged by two people in less than 10 minutes.

Additional information


Frequency range 20 - 500 MHz
VSWR < 2.5:1
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Connector 2x N-type female
Feed power handling 100 W
Gain 5.5 dBi typical
E-plane 3 dB beamwidth 55°
H-plane 3 dB beamwidth 100°
Polarisation Dual (vertical and horizontal)
Dimensions (w x l) 5700 mm x 6700 mm
Weight 46 kg
Material Aluminium
Mounting method Bracket onto a mast
Temperature (operational) - 40 °C to +55 °C (no icing)

    Product Applications

    Electronic Countermeasures
  • Communications Jamming
  • Communications
  • Point-to-point Communications

    Design Features

  • Low frequency coverage brLow VSWR brHigh gain of 5.5 dBi over the band brEasy construction of detachable elements with spring fasteners brCompact storage as unit is easily broken into smaller parts