High Power Helical Antenna


HELI-A0108 is a high power helical spiral, right-hand circularly polarised antenna designed operating in the 1160 - 1610 MHz band. The antenna provides broad beam coverage without nulls or reduction in performance. brThe antenna features a low VSWR and high gain over the operating band with a light weight, yet robust radome to protect the radiator.

Additional information


Frequency range: 1160 - 1610 MHz
Gain: > 13 dBi (typical)
Beamwidth: 40° (± 20°)
Polarisation: RHCP
Nominal impedance: 50 O
VSWR: < 2.0:1
Power handling 150W CW
Connector: N-type female
Overall length: 900 mm
Diameter 100 mm (Radome) 280 mm (Base)
Weight: < 3 kg including bracket
Material: Aluminium
Colour Per request
Temperature range Storage: -41 °C to +71 °C.
Operation -31 °C to +55 °C

    Product Applications

    Electronic Countermeasures
  • Communications Jamming
  • Counter UAV

    Design Features

  • High gain High power Low VSWR