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From engineering to antenna assembly on the production floor, our people are dedicated to delivering quality products and services.


System integrators

We are trusted by over 50 system integrators around the globe for our exceptional service.



From Direction Finding to Omni’s or LPDA’s, we have an antenna or antenna subsystem that will suit your needs.



We have been around for a while and continue to create future-fit solutions for our clients.


Alaris Antennas offers full in-house design capability throughout our diverse engineering team of highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers. Our design portfolio includes: simulation design, algorithm testing, CAD modelling, prototyping, measurement and industrialisation. We also offer simulation and antenna placement study services to enable our clients to deploy optimal antenna configurations.

Apart from research and development, Alaris Antennas does all final assembly, testing and quality assurance in-house. The company received ISO 9001:2015 certification and sets quality as one of our most important drivers. Our products are designed to meet harsh environmental specifications with in-house testing facilities for water ingress, temperature, salt-spray and vibration. Electrical tests are also carried out at our onsite semi-anechoic chamber. In addition, through strategic partnerships, we can provide formal certification and qualification reports.

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Product application

Our RF technology is being used in several industries.

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We design, manufacture and distribute antenna and RF products for global defence, homeland security and specialized antenna market sectors supporting international Electronic Warfare (EW) system integrators and governmental organisations.

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Homeland security

We design, manufacture and distribute antenna and RF products for homeland security. Our products are used to help prepare for, prevent, and respond to domestic emergencies, particularly terrorism.

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Test & measurement

Our engineering staff has extensive knowledge and use up-to-date electromagnetic and structural modelling software. We offer both indoor and outdoor testing ranges at our facilities. The testing services range is used to verify the designs of new antennas we develop.

We also offer products to customers for test and measurement.

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Spectrum management

We provide our customers with information on how the radio spectrum is utilized to effectively help enforce compliance. Our fixed, mobile and portable direction-finding antenna solutions are best in class for detection and location.

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High quality antenna solutions

From its roots in 1990, Alaris Antennas has grown to become a substantial supplier of advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) antennas.

For the global defence and security markets, Alaris Antennas' mission is to deliver high quality antenna Solutions, on time, through technical and service excellence.

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