Compact DF Antenna


The DF-A0141 direction finding antenna from Alaris Antennas originates from the well-established DF-A0062 wideband DF antenna. This antenna is the highest-frequency set covering 3 to 6 GHz. It is suitable for quick deployment as well as fixed applications. The 5-element interferometer antenna is located inside a radome with the electrical connections for the five channels being available at the base of the mast via a MI-38999 connector The antenna is mounted at the top of a spring mounted isolating mast to allow it to clear any obstructions in the nearby environment.

Additional information


Frequency range 3 - 6 GHz
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Antenna type 5-element DF interferometer
Strong signal DF accuracy < 1° RMS
Gain 0 dBi typical
Polarisation Vertical
Control -RS 485 serial at 115 kbaud - Dedicated switching lines
Power supply 15 ± 2 V DC
Switching time < 5 µs when using dedicated lines
Internal noise source power output 40 ± 5 dB ENR
Connector MIL-38999
Antenna outputs 5 x co-axial
Antenna input 1 x co-axial (External cal)
Dimensions (h x d) 770 mm x 80 mm
Weight < 5 kg

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM

    Design Features

  • Highly versatile Accurate DF applications Vertical polarisation Easy to assemble and disassemble Rugged construction Internal chain calibration noise source