Compact Direction Finding Antenna


The DF-A0250 direction finding antenna covers a frequency range of 400 MHz to 6000 GHz The full-size elements on all bands give excellent DF sensitivity. Ultimate angular resolution for strong signals is well under 1° for most of the frequency range. Dipole elements provide good crosspolarization rejection, and fair performance for signals arriving from up to 15° above or below the horizon This DF antenna is designed to be used either a 5- or 2-channel phase-sensitive receiver, and correlative algorithm. Characterization of the antenna can be performed on request. The antenna also includes a dedicated wide band Monitoring channel

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Frequency range 400 - 6000 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
Frequency range 400 - 6000 MHz
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Antenna type 5-element DF interferometer
Channels per band 5
Connectors 16 x TNC female
Assembled height 2.1 m
Assembled diameter (max) 0.77 m
Weight of antenna < 30 kg
Operating Temperature -30°C to +70°C
IP Rating IP55

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Counter UAV

    Design Features

  • Full-size, wideband DF 5-element interferometer Full Band Monitoring Designed for tower mounting Compact Size